• AJ Varghese

Unexplained Knee Pain?

The cause may not be the knee at all.

Yes, you read it right, most of the time cause could not be the knee by itself.

Knee pain is a common joint-related dysfunction in the lower limb that we see in our practice at Theramax Rehab Centre. Chances are, you yourself might have had knee pain or know someone with knee pain. The intent of this read is to familiarize the reader with the fact that having knee pain does not necessarily mean that you have bad knees.

Knee pain/dysfunction can be categorized based on the cause of pain:

1. Traumatic Knee Injuries

2. Non-Traumatic Injuries.

Traumatic Injuries:

As the name suggests, these are injuries that are caused due to direct or indirect trauma. Twisting the knee when playing, direct impact, etc. These types of injuries have a definite causative factor and in these cases, the knee is the focus of attention. These include collateral ligament injuries, meniscal injuries, or ACL, PCL injuries.