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Commonly Asked Questions

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most asked questions to give you more detailed information online. If you don’t find the answers to any of your questions we encourage you to call or email us to assist you. 

Do I Need A Doctor’s Referral to See Physiotherapist/Chiropractor?

No, we do not need a doctor’s referral to assess you and begin treatment. However, some insurance companies may require a doctor’s referral to issue payments for your treatments. So, if you have an extended healthcare plan and going to claim through it, check to see if a referral is required for reimbursement. We are inside a walk-in clinic, and we have very good Doctors who can help you if needed.

Do I Need Referral For Chiropodist?

No, chiropodists are foot doctors, you can book a chiropodist for any foot-related problems. 

How Long Does Physiotherapy Treatment Take?

Depending on the nature of your injury the assessment session generally can range from typically 45 minutes to 1 hour or more. This will be discussed prior to your assessment. The number and length of follow-up visits will be discussed after your initial assessment with a typical follow-up session from 30 to 45 minutes.

What Happens On The First Physiotherapy/Chiropractor Session?

At first, our therapist, will take a detailed history of your current symptoms, occupational and physical health history, medical history, related family history to determine possible cause and prognosis, then will do a detailed functional assessment, and various test to determine the clinical diagnosis of your injury and necessary treatment. Once an assessment is finished our therapist will create a program that is tailored for your condition and goals with the necessary precautions and a timeline to be followed. 

Does Insurance Cover Physiotherapy?

Yes, most insurance will cover you, or a spouse and child.  We will encourage you to check the details of the plan provider.  

Can I Get Physiotherapy Session At Home?

Yes, our therapists do Home-Visit treatments (an additional travel charge applies). We also offer virtual visits at regular treatment costs.  

What Kind of Physiotherapy Treatment Will I Have?

Our therapists use various hands-on approaches to treating various orthopedic conditions, therapeutic exercises, mobilization, tender release, fascial release, and much more. Along with taping, various modalities like IFC, TENS, Ultrasound, acupuncture, dry needling, based on your condition.

Does Insurance Cover Physiotherapy/Chiropractor/Chiropody?

Yes, most insurance will cover you, or a spouse and child.  We will encourage you to check the details with your plan provider.  

 What Do I Bring to the First Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Appointment?

Please bring light loose clothing that allows easy access to your injured area(s).  You will also need to bring any relevant medical information, doctor’s prescription, any reports like x-ray, MRI, etc. if applicable. If you had a Motor vehicle accident, you will need a claim number, accident report, and other relevant details for the parties involved. If you have a workplace injury you need to give information regarding your WSIB claim number and your workplace details including the supervisor information.

What Should I Bring With Me to My Appointment?

  • Your spouse’s extended benefits card whom we can direct bill

  • Your referral from a physician if you have one

  • Any tests done such as x-ray, MRI, CT Scan, etc

  • If you are 18 or under, bring your parent or guardian 

  • Proper shoe and comfortable clothing to wear

How Many Treatments Will I Need?


You book online, give us a call, or send an email with your name, number, and details to contact you.

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