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Scarborough's Local Chiropractor, Physiotherapists, Chiropodist, and Pelvic Physiotherapist

OUR TEAM: Our Team
aj varghese physiotherapist

AJ Varghese


AJ is a physiotherapist and co-owner of Thera-max Rehab Centre. He has a special interest in orthopedic, sports injuries and neurological rehab. His treatment approach is client centered and he firmly believes in empowering patients with the right tools to help with their recovery. His treatment philosophy is to resolve compensations and not merely eradicate symptoms. 

bhakti sura physiotherapist

Bhakti Sura

Physiotherapist/ Clinical Director

Bhakti is Physiotherapist and co-owner of Thera-max Rehab Centre. He is immensely proud and grateful for what he does. He utilizes hands on manual therapy with personalized exercise program to help his patient's reach their goal.

sarath kt physiotherapist

Sarath KT


Sarath treats every patient who comes his way with great patience and compassion. As a Physiotherapist and co-owner of Thera-max, he plays a integral role in our busy physiotherapy clinic. He has an active approach to therapy and encourages his clients to participate and become active members in their recovery.

namita patel pelvic physiotherapist

Namita Patel

Pelvic Physiotherapist

Namita is a physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic physiotherapy and orthopedic cases. Her patients know her for her approachable demeanor and excellent outcomes. 

steven mahaise chiropractor

Dr. Steven Mahaise


Dr. Mahaise is a chiropractor with a passion for helping people. He is a great team player and is ready to help you in your recovery.

omar qureshi chiropodist

Omar Qureshi


Omar is the proudest member of our team. As a chiropodist Omar is an expert in assessing the biomechanics of the feet and lower limbs to prescribe and fit patients with custom foot orthotics.


Summer - Xiaowan Song

Registered Massage Therapist

Summer is a Registered Massage Therapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has special experience in giving massages for pregnant women, to help them relax their tired bodies and make them healthy, both  physically and mentally. Subsequently  can treat patients of all age groups and all conditions.


She likes TCM health preservation,  willing to exchange some of her knowledge about TCM health.  Sometimes, health is not only regulated by physical exercise, but also by eating habits and TCM works in this direction.


Dee- Mhardhee Gatus

Registered Massage Therapist 

Mhardhee aka. Dee Gatus is a graduate from Everest College in 2010 and she has since gained experience in Pre- & Postnatal massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage),  Joint Mobilization, Remedial Exercise and Infant and Pregnancy Massage

ShahinaBanu RMT

Registered Massage Therapist 

Shahinabanu is a Registered Massage therapist Practicing since 2023. She has medical background from India which help her understand and assess body better to assist her in treating and selecting massage therapy techniques.

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