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Summer Song

Summer is a Registered Massage Therapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has special experience in giving massages for pregnant women, to help them relax their tired bodies and make them healthy, both  physically and mentally. Subsequently  can treat patients of all age groups and all conditions.


She likes TCM health preservation,  willing to exchange some of her knowledge about TCM health.  Sometimes, health is not only regulated by physical exercise, but also by eating habits and TCM works in this direction.

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My Story

My core interest is in chronic pain,  Sports injuries, Repetitive Movement Syndromes & injuries, as well as Postural focus therapy. I use Deep Tissue massage as well as Myofascial Stretching, MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage),  Joint Mobilization, Remedial Exercise .

I am TCM certified and I use many Chinese medicinal treatment approach and home remedies  .

I understand how body works and I try my best to assess the cause to help you improve the main cause that might the core reason reason behind you pain I have passionate about teamwork as an essential ingredient in achieving your optimal health and wellness long-term results. 


See you on Monday's-Fridays  5pm - 7pm ,

          Wednesday's- Thusdays 10am -2pm

Book now @ Thera-Max. Cheers!

Call- 416-519-8622

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